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The experience you will read about here and in other sections of this web site point to one thing: Jon Wampler knows what he’s talking about. As an operator, the person who really does the work, Wampler excelled. His experience managing a $6 Billion health plan provides him insight into executive level decision making and the process of making those plans a reality. His guidance in strategic, tactical and operational issues has helped companies of various sizes reach a number of goals over the last 24 years.

I have known Jon Wampler since 1993. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with him and build great things and I have been an adversary as well. Irregardless, he is a person one can trust. He is innovative, tenacious, visionary, gregarious, and very, very extroverted. Jon talks to just about anyone, but he makes sense. He can command respect from his followers and superiors alike. He is a man you want to have by your side in good or bad times.

–Alvaro R. Montelegre
President, Muro Group, Inc.

As President and CEO of PacifiCare of California, Jon Wampler was the most senior manager in the largest business unit and flagship of PacifiCare Health Systems. During his tenure, Wampler inspired his team of employees to increase revenue to record levels and at the same time decrease Medical Loss Ratio resulting in higher profitability for the company, while growing membership and generating high member satisfaction.

Being a servant leader, Wampler’s focus on increased productivity and profitability included providing excellent service to the people who relied on PacifiCare for payment and oversight of their healthcare. His high standards echoed throughout every level of the organization and were reflected in the partners PacifiCare of California chose to provide healthcare to their insureds.

During his 40 years in healthcare, Wampler served at the highest levels of management. Wampler honed the negotiating skills that would become a part of his extensive background in emergency department hospital and physician contracts. Over the years he gained operational experience in HMOs, PPOs, and EPOs.

Mr. Wampler has waded through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to aid physician practices in navigating these new, uncharted healthcare waters. His understanding of the ramifications of the legislation is beneficial in creating viable business plans that position physicians to weather the new procedures in reimbursement.

Specific areas of competency include:

  • Managed Healthcare operations
  • Physician, Hospital and Ancillary Care contract negotiations
  • Capitation
  • Sales and marketing operations
  • Team building
  • Training and development
  • Building medical groups
  • Directing service area expansions
  • Acquisitions
  • Member services management
  • Credentialing and credential review
  • Finance
  • Human resources

I have consulted with Jon on issues ranging from development to public relations to crisis management. He has been an outstanding and valuable resource, and is clearly adept at analyzing situations, making tough decisions and finding positive outcomes. His forte as a leader is his ability to nurture the strengths of others. Jon is a communicator, a real people person. He is very decisive when needed and he is fair. He is skillful in reaching compromise or building consensus. He is a tireless worker and will do what ever it takes.

–Dan Guerrero
Athletic Director
University of California, Los Angeles

Expert Testimony

Mr. Wampler’s extensive personal operational experience makes him a persuasive expert on healthcare issues. Having managed one of the nation’s largest HMOs, he knows that type of insurance provider well.

His strategic mindset led him to be well informed about other types of insurance in his sector. Therefore, traditional insurance practices are well known to him as well as the day to day operations of all aspects of this country’s healthcare system. He knows, and can explain to a novice, capitation, ancillary contracts, patient care review policies, and a host of other detailed contractual issues.

He speaks plainly and directly, is easily understood and projects confidence in his presentations.

Wampler is often able to focus the strategic direction of a case based upon nuances a less experienced or informed expert would miss.

I retained Jon Wampler as an expert witness on behalf of a doctor in a dispute with an insurance company payor. I enjoyed working with Jon. He was thorough, straight forward, credible and highly knowledgeable. He was easy to work with. I thought he made an excellent witness. Jon would be one of my very first choices to act as an expert witness in any dispute involving a medical payor.

–Bruce R. Corbett, Esq.
Corbett, Steelman & Specter
A Professional Law Corporation

Thanks for all the hard work and insights. Errol and I, as well as the client, appreciate it.

–Craig L. Caesar
Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell, & Berkowitz, P.C.

Please contact Jon at 949-933-8823 or jon.wampler@gmail.com to discuss how he can help you meet your goals.